Friday, July 24, 2009

Sorta Been Busy

Just thought I would place a post about this blog and its moderator. Shortly after setting up my web site and this blog I came down with leukemia. I spent a large amount of time last year being treated and am happy to say that the leukemia is gone and I am in remission.

I hope to be able to post more items and keep this blog up to date.


  1. Im in the process of building a new house, can you point me in the right direction for putting solar as close to running the entire house as possible, while keeping costs down? Thanks, In southwest Missouri.

  2. Hi Tony,
    Sorry for not responding sooner. I was away for the holidays. What type of solar are you hoping to use - electric, water, passive? I can give you some guidelines if you let me know which. Have you looked at my site at ? There may be some ideas there for you to digest.

  3. Hello Jim,
    I was wondering you have been innovative since like 1970, why haven't you applied for any patents?

    Devarshi Patel


  4. Hi Devarshi,
    The solar projects that I have included in my internet site are intended to inform and encourage others who might be interested in solar energy. Since my intentions is not to make money on them I have not considered applying for any patents. I do have a donate to Pay Pal button for those who might want to help with the site.


  5. I just found your web site and would like to say thank you and you are a blessed man. I'm in the very beginning of learning DIY SOLAR systems and all plethora of information. I will try to keep updated blogging of my trials and success. I am buying my 3x6" PV's cells and making a 9x's X 6x's cell wooden panel. wish me luck :~) I would like to see my project turn into a epidemic among my neighbors and beyond
    Thank You
    Eric Mountain City, TN
    Semper Fi

  6. Hi Eric,

    I am indeed blessed. I am now in my third year of remission. I look forward to hearing of your success. I hear from many who have made some of my projects. I hope that everyone can glean their own information from the works of others.

    Thank you for your service!
    Semper Fi

    1. how did you get rid of leukemia. I have learned over the years that it's just chemicals and toxicities in the body. Detoxification is always the answer. There is a man who was cured of leukemia by taking 6 grams of liposomal vitamin C's daily from livon Labs. It was on the news. I was sick too and have gotten better from using far infrared technology and lots of vitamin and herbs. just want to say congrats for your recovery! You sound like a nice person who deserves it. Now, to find out more about evaporative cooling, that is why i found your site. Thanks for the info.

      By the way - do you run your computer on solar? If so how much solar would i need to run my computer all day long ?? Would one panel be enough?

  7. Thank you for the congrats and kind words. When I went to the hospital my blood levels were extremely low. I had Acute myologenous leukemia which was very fast acting. There are other forms of leukemia that can progress slowly even for years. These can be treated with some of the types of changes to our diet as you mention. I did not have this luxury.

    My blood level was half of what is normally considered the time to give blood. That part that coagulates my blood was 8,000 when normal is at least 140,000. I was not able to seek alternative methods as I was walking death. I did have many things in my favor. I had begun to eat a proper diet almost a year before I was diagnosed. I was not over weight and was in good shape. I also had a very supportive wife and family and many encouraging friends. I did not sit in my bed and just lie there. I walked regularly in my room. I did not wear the stupid gown that they give you. I wore scrubs and the gown top at first due to all the tubes sticking in me. I did receive 25 treatments of chemotherapy. For 7 days 24 hours a day I recived it. I then went back 3 additional times for 18 more treatments of 3 hour sessions 2 times a day, every other day for a week.

    The most important thing of all was my faith and the prayers from my family, friends and people who I did not even know. Ultimately I was healed by God. I tried my best and He did the rest.

    As far as the computer question, My home is powered by an array of panels and I run most household appliances including my computer. A single panel of 100 watts would work just fine. It would be best to have the panel connected to a charge controller and a deep cycle battery and connect the computer through the battery either directly or using a small inverter.

    Thanks for your question. I hope my answer helps.


  8. Jim,
    I was thinking about your TV antenna system.I know the problem you have had is due to weight(i.e. the counter balances and cables etc. What if you put a larger support in the ground PLUMB. then in a similar fashion attach the atenna motor to THAT...straight up and down...also plumb to the ground like they are entended to work. Then off the rotable shaft you weld or however you come up with an L bracket if you will..the L part would be shorter because you only have to start to Lay the solar panel down so far to get that nice solar could weld support brackets off the pipe above the motor out to the "T" you weld to to the horizontal part of the "L". I know this is more work than you did BUT the rotating shaft would be vertical and the panel its self just set up with brackets in the L and such. You have a VERY good idea using the TV antenna motor and the programmable remote to twist the plumb pole. With a bigger MAIN support pole installed plumb, i could see you idea morph into one that never has to be readjusted, or very rarely.
    Thanks Randy...
    P.S. love your work and this site. and with my own fair share of serious health glad you are feeling better.

  9. Hi Randy,

    Thanks for the great idea. I did consider exactly what you suggest. That would not exactly track the sun perfectly but would be plenty close enough. I did not know I would have the weight problem until I finished. I am sitting in my office looking at my tracker through the window. I just put it up for the season about a week ago. I have adjusted my weights and have decided not to track to the last angle and it seems to stay in alignment pretty well.

    I wish you the best of health. I am at the 5 year mark and going strong.