Monday, July 28, 2008

Solar Cooler

We made a solar evaporative cooler using an existing cooler that I purchesd at Wal Mart several years ago. It has worked well in our drier climate. I have made plans showing how I made it and made them available through our website Living On Solar. You can also view the video at the bottom of the page on the You Tube Section. If you have any questions about the cooler, this is a good place to ask.

Solar Tracker

I made a solar tracker for use with the solar air conditioner that we made. A video and a set of plans is available that shows how it works on our website. I have had a few small glitches that I have basically overcome. I am hoping that I can get some feedback from those that have seen the video.

You can find out more about the tracker and watch a video on our website Living On Solar

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Solar Questions

Do you have any questions about Solar? Ask them here.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome To The Living On Solar Blog

Welcome to our first post. I am new to blogging and have never attempted to join a group. So I start my own. Go figure!

My wife and I live in an all solar home in Northern California. We created a website in December of 2007 telling about our use of solar energy including videos showing how we do it. We have received a great response and many questions about our solar adventure and have gladly tried to share our knowledge. We hope that this blog will allow people to ask questions and allow others who may know some answers to respond. We will try to give our two cents worth as well.